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A Hemophilia A Investigation – Can You Help Crack The Case?—Presented by Genentech

This industry-sponsored educational session and meal is presented by Genentech.

Pick up your magnifying glass and help solve a mystery! Genentech invites you to A Hemophilia A Investigation – a fun-filled interactive gaming event – at this year’s HFA Symposium. You’ll get to question a number of hemophilia A patients and caregivers to see who’s right for a subcutaneous prophylaxis treatment. We’ll have hemophilia expert Dezarae Morales, RN on-hand to assist the inquiry. Your investigation will be supplemented with interactive side-quizzes, Q&A, and breakfast to start your day and help you stay on the trail. Happy hunting!


Apr 23 2022


Central Time
7:00 am - 9:00 am


Salon ABF


  • Derek Nelson MBA BSN
    Derek Nelson MBA BSN

    Derek works as the Hemophilia Clinical Education Manager at Genentech. He has been a member of the hemophilia community for over 20 years. Derek was drawn to nursing because he loves helping others, and feels it is a privilege and an honor to serve the bleeding disorders community. Derek also loves long road bike rides, and enjoys playing the ukulele.

  • Dezarae Morales RN
    Dezarae Morales RN

    Dezarae currently works as the Hemophilia Nurse Coordinator at the South Texas Hemophilia
    Treatment Center in San Antonio, Texas. Dezarae collaborates with the Hemophilia Treatment’s Center’s medical director to develop treatment guidelines, and also educate the patients and caregivers on their bleeding disorders. Dezarae participates in local and national conferences and also have been key note speakers in person and virtually for 13+years.

  • Julia C.
    Julia C.

    Julia is in her 50s and grew up in her native Guatemala but now lives in Georgia. Shortly after moving to the US, she gave birth to her son, Louis, who was soon diagnosed with hemophilia A. Her son is now 26 years old.

  • Louis C.
    Louis C.

    Louis is in his mid-20s and lives with his fiancé in Georgia where he works as an international tax consultant. Louis is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Louis had an uncle with hemophilia, so he was tested and diagnosed with hemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors at birth.

  • Miranda S.
    Miranda S.

    Miranda is in her mid-30s and lives in Indiana with her husband and 4 children, all of whom were adopted through the foster care system. Despite her busy schedule at home, Miranda also works as a preschool teacher.

    Miranda’s twin boys, Tristan and Talan, both have hemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors.

  • Steven L.
    Steven L.

    Steven is in his early 50s and lives in Pennsylvania with his wife. They have 3 wonderful daughters together. Steven previously worked in the investment business. He is an avid traveler and hopes to have visited all 50 states by the end of 2022!

    Since his brother had already been diagnosed, Steven was tested and diagnosed with hemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors at birth.

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