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Treatment Signing Day Play-by-Play—Presented by Sanofi

This industry-sponsored educational session and meal is presented by Sanofi.

An interactive program for those who may be considering a new Hem B treatment with fanfare, confetti and a whole lot more. Join a Sanofi Community Relations and Education Manager (CoRe) and some special guests to learn about the ins and outs of treating Hemophilia B. We’ll discuss what a new treatment may mean for you, what support programs are available and how to work with your doctor to choose a treatment regimen that may be right for you. This program will also feature a patient speaker who will share their personal experience.


Apr 21 2022


Central Time
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Salon E


  • Alex Naranjo
    Alex Naranjo

    Having an adventurous spirit and hemophilia might not seem to go hand in hand, but ALPROLIX Peer Alex Naranjo somehow makes them fit like a glove! Alex, a Colombia native now residing in Florida, is a motorcycle enthusiast who has been riding nearly his whole life despite being diagnosed at birth with Hemophilia B. In addition, he coaches soccer and has participated in water sports around the world, from boogie-boarding in Brazil to riding the waves in Hawaii. While Alex will be the first to admit he takes precautions, he also shares that what really gives him traction to stay on the road is knowing he’s doing the best he can for his joints by taking a prophylactic regimen of ALPROLIX. His inspiring story reassures those in the hemophilia community that, with the resources and treatment available today, they can continue to pursue their passions and do the things that bring them happiness.

  • Kyrie Smith
    Kyrie Smith

    Kyrie’s long family history with hemophilia and involvement in the community is what led her to becoming a CoRe. She knows living with a rare blood disorder can be isolating and scary. Kyrie is a CoRe because she’s seen the difference a community focused on empowerment can make.

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