Unburying My Father: The Keynote

Randy Masser lived with severe hemophilia B. He contracted HIV from tainted blood products in the early 1980s and died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2000 at the age of 52.

Zander was 14 when his father Randy died. Twenty years later, Zander unburied 10,000 slides from Randy’s career as a professional photographer. Zander’s talk is a glimpse into his process of exploring grief through creativity.

Zander shares memories of his father’s life as a friend, son, parent and photographer, as told by the people who knew him best. He discusses the impact that his father’s silence surrounding his illness had on him, his trauma around losing one parent, and his struggle to connect with the other. He takes viewers through the intimate processes of collecting, writing and grieving, with the goal of helping others to find ways of sharing their own grief.


Apr 20 2022


Central Daylight Time
3:15 pm - 4:30 pm


Salon E


  • Zander Masser
    Zander Masser

    Zander Masser is an occupational therapist, husband, father, musician, and author of the forthcoming narrative photography book titled Unburying My Father. Zander’s father, Randy, lived with Hemophilia B. In the early 1980s he contracted HIV from tainted blood products, and died in 2000 from AIDS-related illnesses. 20 years later, Zander unburied 10,000 slides from Randy’s career as a professional photographer, which prompted him to dig deeper into his father’s life. What started as a photography project evolved into a transformative exploration of living with, and healing from, grief. Unburying My Father is an act of love, a work of art, and a catalyst for deep conversations and human connection. The book will be officially released at the HFA Symposium in San Antonio, TX.

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