Aamina Iftikhar


Aamina Iftikhar is a social worker at the local NFP health center. She earned her Master’s in Social work from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and also has a Master’s degree in Sociology. Aamina specializes in working with people who have chronic health conditions. Aamina believes that there is not a single way to approach individuals with chronic health conditions and their social support needs. She always tries to tailor her support to the unique needs of families and their children.

Aamina has over 8 years of work/volunteer experience with a different local and national level organization that mainly works for mental and physical health. Through her work, she is committed to helping individuals dealing with mental health.
When Aamina is not at work or preoccupied with any volunteer task she loves to spend time with her family and boys, in her spare time she loves cooking, baking, traveling to fun places, and doing adventure sports.


The FIRST Project in Review

Thursday, October 21th | 07:00 pm

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