Unburying My Father: The Exhibit

Drawing from his Unburying My Father book, Zander Masser has created a multimedia exhibition that provides viewers a unique visual experience. The exhibit combines Randy’s photos, excerpts from Zander’s book and Masser family footage spanning five decades. Zander reconstructs the basement that functioned as both Randy’s photography studio, and the space where he would sit […]

Unburying My Grief: The Workshop

Drawing on his occupational therapy perspective and his experience of creating Unburying My Father, Zander Masser will facilitate a workshop in which he helps participants reconnect with loved ones they have lost, and experience catharsis through collecting and sharing their stories. Zander breaks down his creative process into ten concrete steps, provides examples of each […]

Unburying My Father: The Keynote

Randy Masser lived with severe hemophilia B. He contracted HIV from tainted blood products in the early 1980s and died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2000 at the age of 52. Zander was 14 when his father Randy died. Twenty years later, Zander unburied 10,000 slides from Randy’s career as a professional photographer. Zander’s talk is […]