Exhibitor Guidelines

HFA reserves the right to accept or reject a potential exhibitor for any reason. No exhibit will be accepted if HFA determines the exhibit is in poor taste, offensive to persons in attendance, promotes an activity that is unethical or illegal or in general, is not in keeping with the character and purpose of Symposium.

Cancellation Policy

Exhibitor Booth Exhibitor booth cancellations submitted prior to Feb. 15, 2024 will result in a 10% administrative fee. After Feb. 15, there will be no refunds. Cancellation notice must be sent to hfaexhibitors@hemophiliafed.org.Exhibitor Attendee Cancellation Exhibitor attendee cancellations submitted prior to March 16, 2024 will result in a 10% administrative fee. After March 16, there will be no refunds. Cancellation notice must be sent to HFA Exhibitors.

Hotel Accommodations

Reserving Rooms

Exhibitors can book rooms using the Book a Room link on this website. Exhibitors may not reserve more than 10 rooms at the conference hotel without permission from HFA. If more than 10 rooms are required, you must sign and abide by a contract for any cancellation fees or attrition penalties. To reserve more than 10 rooms, contact HFA Exhibitors.

Booth/Exhibit Space Guidelines

Space Assignments and Design

Exhibit space is limited and will be reserved on a first- come, first-served basis. If it becomes necessary to relocate an exhibitor after a reservation has been accepted, HFA will contact the exhibitor. All booth renderings must be submitted for approval by March 1, 2024. Send booth renderings to: HFA Exhibitors.

Exhibiting Codes and Agreements

Exhibitor shall construct its display to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Exhibitor shall not, nor shall exhibitor permit others to, do anything to its exhibit space or do anything in the event facility which would cause a difference in conditions from those previously approved.

Height Restrictions

The highest point of a booth or signage shall not exceed 8 feet, except for the exhibit space reserved for diamond, platinum, or gold sponsors, which can have a highest point of 10 feet. HFA reserves the right to have booth removed if exceeding size limits.


Balloons are prohibited.

Exhibitor Operation and Conduct in Exhibit Hall

Food and Beverage

Food and beverages may be dispensed from exhibitor’s booth within the following guidelines:

  • Any food must be coordinated with the hotel’s catering/food and beverage team.
  • Distribution area must be kept clean and attractive.
  • All event attendees must have the opportunity to receive samples.

Remaining in Designated Exhibit Space

All promotional activities shall be carried on within exhibitor’s booth space. Any activities or displays inside booths shall not interfere with any neighboring booth, including but not limited to excessive noise or flashing lights. If found to be obtrusive, you will be asked to discontinue the activity. Exhibitors may not use strolling entertainment, nor distribute materials in any area outside their exhibit booth.

Books, Book Signings and Celebrity Appearance

The distributing of books or hosting of book signings or celebrities in your exhibit space may only be done with advance written permission from HFA. Attendee Interactions Industry Meetings with Community HFA discourages exhibitors from entertaining, meeting with, or hosting separate events for community members/ attendees during the entirety of Symposium. Exhibitors shall not entertain community members during active Symposium sessions or events. HFA reserves the right to prohibit any conduct or activity it deems inconsistent with its policies and purpose.

Using Exhibit Hall Time

Exhibitor/Participant contact should be conducted at exhibit hall booths during exhibit hours. HFA encourages participants to concentrate on attending Symposium sessions during session hours.

Exhibitor Solicitation Policy

Collecting Attendee Information Exhibitors may provide a voluntary sign-up sheet to facilitate consumer requests. The information provided by the participant should be for specific purposes and may not be tied to any prize or inducement from the exhibitor (e.g., if the exhibitor establishes a “mailing list” for post- Symposium informational contact, the purpose of the list must be clearly stated). Participants are allowed to request additional information or items from exhibitors that are to be provided after Symposium.


Please be respectful and use good judgment when taking photographs and/or video during Symposium. No photos or videos are allowed during Symposium without prior consent from the adult participant. Photographs and videos taken of children during Symposium are prohibited and may not be used in any public form without written consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian. HFA staff reserves the right to view signed consent forms at any time.


Raffles are not allowed in exhibitor booths but raffle prizes can be donated to HFA to be raffled off on their behalf during general sessions and/or meals. Recognition will be given to the raffle donors at time of raffle. Contact HFA Exhibitors if you wish to make a donation.

General Provisions

HFA has full authority to interpret and enforce all regulations for the event and the power to make amendments and/or further regulations that are considered necessary for the proper conduct of the event. Such decisions shall be binding on all event exhibitors. Failure to comply with any rule or regulation may be sufficient cause for HFA to require the immediate removal of the offending exhibitor and may result in forfeiture of further rights to exhibit at future events sponsored by HFA, together with all fees paid. HFA may lease any space so forfeited to another exhibitor. The HFA Symposium is a family event where children and minors are present. HFA reserves the right, at any time and for any reasonable cause, to require the provision of information and/or submission to background checks of any person working with and/or exposed to children and minors at the event. Failure to comply with such a request shall result in expulsion from the event and premises.


Those found to be suitcasing will be asked to leave and will be prohibited from participating in future HFA events. Suitcasing is a strictly prohibited unethical business practice. Suitcasing occurs when someone who has not purchased a sponsorship or exhibit space distributes promotional materials or solicits business. For example, a company representative registers as an attendee or community member and then works the exhibit floor, passing out promotional items and information in the aisles. Or, a company rents a conference room at the event location and then directs attendees away from the exhibit hall to their own space. Persons employed by companies who are not registered exhibitors shall be prohibited from wearing company clothing or company logos at the HFA event.

Rules and Regulations

Hemophilia Federation of America is a national nonprofit charitable organization founded to assist and advocate for families with bleeding disorders. The annual educational Symposium conference is designed as a community meeting for patients and families to obtain information and receive education. It is not a corporate trade show or a medical conference. In keeping with the meeting intent, the following Rules & Regulations are outlined. These rules provide guidance to exhibitors and offer parameters to maintain a family atmosphere wherein comfort and benefits to attending community families are the priority. All applicable fire and safety rules of the event locale and jurisdiction shall be strictly adhered to and the following shall also apply, without exception. Violation of the rules and/or applicable laws herein may result in HFA’s cancellation of the Exhibitor’s space without further notice and without obligation to refund monies previously paid. HFA further reserves the right to reject Exhibitor’s application to exhibit in future events of HFA. Further, HFA in its absolute discretion, shall have the right at any time to enter and inspect the area occupied by Exhibitor. Exhibitors and their representatives shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

Protection of Facility and Liability

Any repair costs due to vendor damage will be billed to and paid by the vendor. HFA is not responsible for the safety of exhibits against theft, accident, fire, acts of God, vandalism, or any other cause.

Listing and Promotional Materials

Exhibitor grants HFA a fully paid, perpetual, non-exclusive license to use, display, and reproduce the name of the exhibitor in any directory or listing of the event exhibitors and to use such names in promotional materials. HFA shall not be liable for any errors in any listing or for omitting any exhibitor from any directory or listing pertaining to the event.

Liability and Insurance

This agreement shall not constitute or be considered a partnership, employer-employee relationship, joint venture, or agency between HFA and exhibitor. Exhibitor hereby agrees to and does indemnify, hold harmless, and defend HFA, its officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, and subsidiaries (collectively, “Indemnified Party”), from and against any and all liability, responsibility, loss, damage, cost, or expense of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to cost, interest, and attorney’s fees) which any Indemnified Party may incur, suffer, be put to, pay, or be required to pay, incident to or arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission by Exhibitor or any of its employees, servants, or agents. Exhibitor further agrees that the Indemnified Party, shall not be responsible in any way for damage, loss, or destruction of any property of exhibitor or injury to exhibitor or its representatives, agents, employees, licensees, or invitees. Exhibitors shall obtain insurance policies covering exhibit materials at the HFA event. Exhibitors shall have public liability, bodily injury, and property damage insurance. Such insurance shall name the event facility, HFA, and the Official General Contractor as additional named insureds. Upon request, exhibitor shall provide a certificate of insurance to HFA.

Limitation of Damages

Any Indemnified Party shall not be liable to Exhibitor, whether in contract or tort, for any amount in excess of the exhibit space rental fee in relation to any damages, including lost profits, arising out of or relating to the HFA event, the rental of exhibit space, the conduct of HFA, any breach of this Agreement, or any other act, omission, or occurrence.

Protection of Exhibit Facility

Exhibitor is expressly bound, at its expense, to pay promptly for or repair any and all damage to the exhibit facility, booth equipment, or the property of others caused by the Exhibitor or any of its employees, agents, contractors, or representatives.